Mathias Alan


MY NAME IS MATHIAS ALAN and I am a professional working makeup artist in Los Angeles with over 15 years' experience in the entertainment industry! My resume includes DOZENS OF CELEBRITIES as well as my 8 years as LEAD MAKEUP ARTIST ON E TELEVISION! My passion is the ART OF BEAUTY AND TRANSFORMATION. I Produce my very own Successful YouTube channel all about EDUCATING my viewers on how to use specific products in detailed step by step tutorials featuring all types of models and personal clients. I want to help YOU achieve the Celebrity Red Carpet Ready appearance that I’ve been perfecting throughout my career.

If you live in Los Angeles, I offer makeup and hair services for your special DAY such as your ENGAGEMENT OR MATERNITY PHOTOS, YOUR WEDDING DAY, A HOLIDAY PARTY, OR ANY TYPE OF RED CARPET STYLE EVENT. I also offer private makeup lessons for my clients’ wanting to freshen up their stale routine and for the young artist wanting a personal one on one approach that you cannot attain from a large seminar.

I have a weekly series called MONDAY MAKEUP CHAT where I talk about what’s new in beauty or sit down with fellow artists and discuss current beauty trends or how to become a freelance artist. On Wednesdays I post a BEAUTY TUTORIAL featuring PRO ARTIST TIPS AND TRICKS about bridal, model, glamour, and HD makeup techniques. My other series is called FIERCE FACE FRIDAYS and covers everything from avante grade to full out drag queen transformations every single week!


"MATHIAS IS THE BEST MAKEUP ARTIST IN LA, in my opinion. As a photo producer and art director, it's always a relief knowing Mathias is on the team! He brings a professionalism and creativity to set that allows for the utmost creativity and client satisfaction! In a world where much of the beauty is left for post production tweaking, retouching, etc, Mathias makes the chore almost obsolete! I would highly recommend him for any project from a commercial beauty sort of campaign to the most avant garde idea you have in mind. Mathias always delivers at an unparalleled level, with infectious enthusiasm for his craft! THE BEST!!"
Jamie Breuer Art Director @ One Take Studio

"I am a professional photographer, and Mathias Alan is my top-notch makeup artist I use for anything I work on (as long as he's not booked!)
He can produces ANY face you need, and does it with speed, style, and can make me laugh too! He's a quality artist, and all around good guy to have on set.
I highly recommend you book him for any project you have, he will deliver on every job you give him."
Allen Zaki Fashion/Celebrity Photographer

"I'm an Executive Producer at E! Entertainment and Mathias is my go-to makeup artist. Not only does he do a masterful job on all of my talent, but he puts them at ease before they shoot. I'd highly recommend him for any project you might have."
Brad Spotto, Executive Producer at E Networks


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